Via the Internet I was introduced to someone yesterday — Tragically, just a few days after he died, in an accident while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, though that manner of passing actually speaks volumes about his life and what I have learned about him since. He had guts.

I am talking about Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live Your Legend, and clearly an inspiration for thousands of individuals, likely hundreds of thousands. I wish I had “met” him sooner. But this is the thing of legends and connections via the web – in many ways, I can still get to know him, learn from him, be inspired by him. For that I am grateful, grateful to him, and grateful and intrigued by our connected world. And I am sorry for his wife, his family, and his friends, sorry for (though admittedly a little jealous of) those who knew him well and had the opportunity to spend time with him.

This video from his TEDx talk in San Francisco has been viewed, like, millions of times, but I’ll include it here as it remains a valuable message to anyone looking to live a life of meaning, purpose, self-direction, passion, courage, empathy, love — such was Scott’s life as I now read about and understand it.

Thank you, Scott.

Appreciation to Leo Babauta (zenhabits) for my introduction to Scott Dinsmore.

Another good eulogy from Chase Reeves: When an Internet Friend Dies